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B2B Integration

Fast, reliable, high-availability comprehensive cloud solution

ACSL automates business interactions inside the enterprise supply chains and trading community using single B2B integration solution. Simplifies purchase requisition, order process and enables real-time tracking.

Free of charge

ACSL provides this free of charge for you. The only investment is to assign a technical contact on your end to work with the ACSL Connect team.

No manual work anymore

Integration replaces manual work by full automation and thus decrease your workload. It also improves quality and speed of status updates.

Secure communications

B2B solution is a set of secure communications protocols with policy enforcement and high availability.

Redefine your business data exchange

ACSL can setup a B2B link with your ERP or Procurement applications to cover major procurement areas like catalog punchouts, order creation and updates and invoicing.

Order statuses

Hands free orders = more time to spend with customers = more profit for you

Already integrated with

and many more...

Communication protocols

ACSL uses B2B industry standards like cXML, OCI, AS2, HTTPS and custom API.


Commerce XML

It is used within companies and organisations to facilitate data transfer in cXML messages used to share catalogs, punchouts and purchase orders.


Open Catalog Interface

Standard format used by SAP and other ERP/Procurement systems when connecting to external punch-out catalogs.


Applicability Statement 2

Secure data transport specification where security is achieved by using digital certificates and encryption.


Secured HTTP

Secured way of standard "hypertext transfer protocol" used to communicate between web browsers.


Custom Formats

Adapters helping to integrate with homegrown custom systems with highly sophisticated custom data exchange formats.


Single sign-on

Access control property that uses single ID and password to gain access to any of related, not yet dependent, software systems.

Punchout catalogs

Access products catalog directly from your ERP system. Always up-to-date customised local catalog maintained on ACSL side.

Automatic orders

Eliminate manual ordering process and speed up your procurement workflows.

Real-time statuses

Receive immediate update statuses of ETA validation, shipment and delivery.


Automatic invoicing for every order to minimalize costs.


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