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Key Benefits

Why a global service partner?

Corporate organisations today ultimately wish to bring all their employees up-to-date with the newest IT technology: to deploy standard hardware and software in all their offices.

In doing so, the corporate organisation significantly reduces the cost of supporting this hardware and software. By implementing standards, the task of networking systems, training users, providing help and support, becomes increasingly cost effective and straightforward to administer.

Additionally the corporate company benefits from increased leverage with the major vendors who offer competitive pricing for consolidated purchases on a global level through a globally certified service partner.

Engaging a global service partner therefore allows the major corporate company to provide each employee with the latest technology, the highest specification at the most cost effective price.


Single Point of Contact
One focal point at ACSL, the Global Account Manager, will work closely with global customers to co-ordinate the implementation of the standard software and hardware or services in all the customer’s offices throughout the world.

Outsource costs of doing business globally

All costs and overhead related to the implementation of international projects can be outsourced to ACSL: international communication, meetings, global resources and documentation.

Global Coverage, Local Implementation
ACSL is a management company. We manage the local services provided by our affiliates in over 170 countries. All local ACSL affiliates are fully certified, have an extensive service portfolio, are recognised by the major vendors and accredited as leading service providers within their geography.

International Vendor Accreditations
ACSL is accredited by all major vendors as an International Service Provider and has access to all manufacturer special price offerings. The global accreditations give access to dedicated international vendor staff, to specific programs and they insure our customers that ACSL has extensive experience in implementing global projects for global customers and has all the processes and systems in place to do this seamlessly and efficiently.

Major Corporate Account Focus
One of the key advantages for global customers is that all their sites will equally benefit from the same competitive prices and conditions. Every customer site will receive the same service levels and attention, irrespective of purchasing volumes. Even the smaller offices will be treated as a key customer and will have visibility within ACSL and manufacturer they might not have received if they had not been part of the global customer group.

Competitive Prices
Global Access hosts your OEM global catalog and manages your in country end user price across different currencies and with all the relevant price components such as landing factors, local taxes and competitive uplifts.

Global and Local Account Management

ACSL sets up dedicated global customer teams to manage project implementation and account management globally, regionally and locally. We frequently assist our global customers with the development and translation of the master software. We centrally manage and store the images and distribute them throughout our entire service provider network to ensure the customer image is installed in every country.