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Global Access Demo

Watch a demo of the Global Access application.

Who is ACSL ?

ACSL helps to manage and coordinate multi-national procurement of technology assets and the related technical support services via a global network of Tier 1 IT suppliers.  We offer a sophisticated, managed catalog which allows our customers to control content, specification standards and global pricing for all major OEM products and services in over 175 countries

We understand the procurement challenges and requirements in every region of the world.  Our management staff is strategically located in each region, and in each time zone to ensure that your transactions are processed in real time.

How can ACSL help you ?

Our unique ability to effectively enforce your OEM global pricing, combined with our global project management approach to procurement results an efficient global supply chain which yields significant cost reductions for our customers. 

Global Access allows a user to order products and/or services from their customized, managed catalog and have them delivered, imaged and installed on-site with a single click.  All transactions are managed with predefined SLA’s and our robust reporting tools help to track progress and alert our team of a potential delay in advance.